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Interview Tips

Once you are called for an interview, ensure you prepare the following:

  • Bring a copy of your resume with you to the interview and ensure that you have verified the dates of employment
  • G4S conducts employment references so ensure that you have contacted your references in advance and advised them that they may be getting a call to verify employment from G4S
  • Getting Letters of reference and training certificates shows that you are prepared
  • Be prepared to discuss, the reasons you have chosen the security industry/G4S
  • Dress appropriately for the interview
  • Do a little Research into G4S; what do we offer, what are our advantages in the market place, who is the president, Why is this a company you want to work for?


  • What do I need to become a Security Guard?

    You will need to be licensed by the Province in which you are applying. Check on the internet or provincial government listing to find out what the licensing requirements are in your province. You can always contact a local G4S Office and inquire what the requirements are; the recruiting specialist will be able to direct you to the appropriate recourses in your area. Most of our locations assist with meeting the training requirements by providing mandatory training. There likely is a cost to cover the training, be sure to ask.

    Three things that are standard across the board for obtaining a Security Guard/Private Investigator are license are:

    • Have a clear criminal reference check
    • Being a minimum of 18 in most provinces
    • Being Bondable.

    The following links are for the regulatory agencies responsible for licensing in the provinces where we currently have Security Guards working for G4S Canada.

  • How long does it take to get started working?

    Depending on the Province, once you have received your Security Guard License it only a matter of attending the company for an introduction to the company and preparatory security evaluation. Once you pass the evaluation it only takes 2-4 days from the point of hire to get an employee scheduled and working.

    This is dependent on the Province in which you are applying however for the most part you will be able to start within a few days

  • What location will I work at?

    Locations are determined by your skill set and experience. We also have to consider what is available at the time of hire. We try to place employees in the most suitable locations. Local and distance travelling may be required. We have numerous branch offices throughout Canada.

  • What if I want to do a specific type of Job, for instance Retail Loss Prevention?

    • The company has several specific job categories as well as a generalist division
    • Openings in the specific divisions usually have some specific requirements such as experience or training requirements. We offer the division specific training free of charge however it is the employee’s responsibility to obtain the training required
    • There may be a selection process to go through with the division manager however for the most part it requires an employee to have the job requirement before applying to the division.
    • When you meet with the recruiter, make sure to ask about your specific interests and find out the process for achieving you career specific goals.
  • What types of training programs are available?

    • G4S offers a full spectrum of security training programs
    • Entry Level training for those who are new to the security industry
    • Intermediate level programs for those who are honing their security knowledge for specific niches such as healthcare or mobile operations.
    • We offer several advanced level training opportunities and certifications
    • We also offer career path options that will assist you in achieving your long term goals
  • When am I eligible for medical/dental benefits?

    • G4S has various Benefits plans throughout the country
    • Be sure to ask the recruiter in your region for specific information on benefits plans in your area.
    • Most plans have a three month waiting period for fulltime employees
  • How many hours a week can I expect to work?

    Depending on if you are applying for full-time or part-time. Full-time is usually between 33-42 hours per week and extra shifts may be available. Casual and Part-time could be up to 24 hours per week or more. There are usually ample opportunities for adding your name to an on call list if you want to work extra hours.

  • What makes G4S Canada Ltd. Such a great place to work?

    • Review the careers website and look at all the options and opportunities. There are advantages to being part of one of the world’s largest companies.
    • Diverse Employment opportunities across the country in all regions
    • Excellent training and development that will prepare me for my career advancement within the company or in the field of Law Enforcement. We offer many accredited training programs from recognized agencies across the North America.
    • We promote from within and look to our internal resources when looking to fill open positions in the company. Only after the internal search has been completed will we look for outside talent.
  • What are the steps in applying to G4S?

    • Review the G4S Careers Site and get to know the company
    • Once you have answered most of your questions and have made the decision, simply click on the APPLY button and the system will take you through the applicant process
    • Register on the career site and you will be notified as new positions and events become available
    • After you complete the application, you will receive a confirmation that your submission was successful.
    • Only successful applicants will be contacted for interviews however resumes stay in our database active for a period of three months if a position come open that closely matches your qualifications you may receive a call to apply.
    • As new positions become available, once you register on our career site you may receive an email inviting you to review the new positions and apply if they interest you.
  • Do I need a special licence to drive a G4S Vehicle?

    All road employees are trained to drive G4S vehicles. Applicants require a full class license to drive a G4S vehicle and must have less than 6 demerit points on their driver's abstract.

  • What qualifications does a Pre-board Screening Officer require?

    All pre-board screening officers in Canada are security cleared and rigorously trained on a program built on the principle of continuous improvement. The classroom, on the job and computer and web-based training never stops and evaluations – both written and practical – are conducted frequently. Screening officers at Canada's airports must be CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) certified.


    • Completion of High School; Some college/CEGEP/vocational is an asset
    • Experience in security or customer service focused environments is considered an asset.
    • Must pass all CATSA assessments
    • Must be able to obtain a valid medical certificate
    • Must be able to obtain a Transport Canada Security Clearance
    • A Provincial Security Guard Licence is NOT required