Benefits at a Glance
Did You KNOW?

Healthcare Security Specialists often progress to internal management roles

Our Rewarding Benefits Packages

Depending on where you work for G4S, you can have access to great benefit packages for all your diverse needs. Whether it's your health, your finances, or your training, we've got you covered.

There are so many rewarding benefits to working at G4S!

  • Shift work to suit all schedules

    • We have offices and locations throughout Canada
    • We work for all segments of the industry, from Health Care to Concierge
    • Wide variety of shifts and hours of work; perfect fit for Students and Casual Employment
    • Full time, Part time and Casual employment opportunities
    • Wide variety of placements
  • Medical and Dental Benefits

    • Single and family coverage available for Full time employees
    • Please verify with your local G4S Canada Ltd. Branch
  • Great entry level with training

    • You can start in the industry with little to no experience. We provide/offer the training to get you started with your security career
      • Basic Security Training by qualified instructors
      • On-going career advancement programs
      • Specialist Training
      • Health and Safety training
  • Career path progression…

    • …Through taking initiative and continuing with training!
      • Coaching and Mentoring programs
      • Assistance in planning out career goals
      • Entry level security to management planning
  • Launching platform for law enforcement careers

    • Security programs assist in preparing you for a Law Enforcement career
    • Exposure to all areas of Security from guarding to security audits for facilities
    • Many of our guards carry on their careers with Law Enforcement agencies throughout Canada
  • Currently third largest non-governmental employer in the world

    • We are active in over 110 Countries; we are a true Global Security Provider
    • Over 600 000 employees globally
    • We offer one of the most complete security solutions in the world
  • Rewards and Recognition Program

    • We celebrate employee milestones, we have employees that have been with us for over 20 years
    • There are various awards programs for employees from Tenure to Humanitarian Awards
    • We recognize that it’s the contributions of our employees that makes us a great company